Branding your school/department

Branding your school/department

(I work for ECPPS in Elizabeth city NC I am the middle school basketball and football coach as well as their PE and Health Teacher)

Please answer each question separately


What does it look like to authentically engage the community and build a positive brand presence to showcase your work with students? How can this be accomplished and sustained?


How are you branding your school or district effectively? What action steps do you need to take to either begin or improve your branding efforts?

For each question, integrate each of the following into your answers:

  1. Theory and facts from the textbook include the philosophy/utopian view of how the concept should be used or incorporated into education in a highly effective school. Please provide more than just a sentence or two–delve deep into the theory and rationale provided in the book. 
  2. A personal connection with the concept and justify your rationale. Why do you believe this issue is important to schools/departments?
  3. As a leader, how will you maximize this within your school? Give specific examples.
  4. How should this concept look from a leadership standpoint i.e. what would you do as a leader to maximize this concept at your school?  
  5. How would you assess the effectiveness of your initiative or vision with the key stakeholders (students, staff, and parents)?