Select two discussion questions from the chapters below and post your response addressing the two questions in one posting response (be sure to identify the questions you selected in your response) 


Chapter 8- After Conviction: The Sentencing Process– Select Two Questions Below:

  1. Which purpose of criminal sanctioning seems to be predominant in the world today? Which purpose do you believe is most effective?
    2. Explain whether you believe alternative sanctions are a viable solution to incarceration for criminal offenders. What might be some challenges to their implementation in the international community?
    3. How would you summarize the data that describe the recent trends in the use of imprisonment in the world today?
    4. Why do the United States and Japan continue to use the death penalty when most industrial nations have outlawed it? What might be the reasons for change in death penalty policies in these two world powers?
    5. What are the political advantages of supporting crime policies that call for the increased use of incarceration?
  2. Chapter 12

1. Explain the juvenile justice approach in two of our model countries. Which approach would you perter and why?

2. Discuss the 5 juvenile justice adjudication initiatives, and explain which initiative is most effective in your opinion.