Step 1: Dilemma

In Step 1 you will hear and read about two perspectives on a practice dilemma. The dilemma is about a child’s transition to preschool viewed through the eyes of both the family and the receiving teacher.

Meet Melanie A. She is a teacher in an NAEYC accredited program that serves children two through five years of age. Melanie’s program is a small (two classrooms) full-day child care center. Melanie just learned that Tamiya, a three-year-old with multiple developmental delays, will be joining her class of 12 other children next month.

Watch the video’s here.  If the link does not work,

Video 2.1: The teacher’s viewpoint

Melanie A., a teacher in a community-based childcare program shares a dilemma about the transition of Tamiya, a two year old girl turning three with developmental delays, joining her classroom. 

Video 2.2: The family’s viewpoint

Rosemary, the mother of Tamiya who is a two year old girl turning three with developmental delays, shares her view on the upcoming transition of her daughter into a childcare program. 

answer questions after viewing the videos


Then in your own words, describe the dilemma in two ways:

  • the particular challenge/dilemma the teacher faces in her classroom when accepting Tamiya

  • the particular challenge/dilemma the family faces in their lives when putting Tamiya at that school