Please assist with the following discussion: (chapters have been uploaded as word attachments)

Please provide references/citations.

Discussion – Ch. 11  –   

Using the content from Chapter 11 of your assigned text book, explain to your classmates in ten sentences or less the pros and cons of either the Market Segmentation Approaches of Concentration or Multisegment? 

 Discussion – Ch. 12

Chapter 12 Dimensions of Marketing Strategy

Using the content of Chapter 12 of your assigned book, if Ford’s e-bikes are released, how do you think the market would react? Do you believe the e-bikes would quickly jump to the growth stage of the product life cycle, or would they stay in the introductory stage for a an extended period of time?

Discussion – Ch. 13 

Chapter 13 Digital Marketing and Social Networking

Using the content from Chapter 13 of your assigned book, distinguish for your classmates the difference between digital media and digital marketing.  Share with your classmates a link to an article regarding a lawsuit deriving from digital marketing, fraudulent advertising or infringement of Intellectual Property rights.  

Discussion – Ch. 14 

Discussion 14  Accounting and Financial Statements

Using the content from Chapter 14 of your assigned book, create your own example of the Debt Utilization Ratio of debt to total assets ratio as demonstrated on page 456 of your text book.  You answer should result in a percentage.  Also, distinguish for your classmates the difference between Revenue and net income and give the four steps of the Accounting Cycle.

Discussion – Ch. 15

Chapter 15 Money and the Financial System

Using the content from Chapter 15 of your assigned book and any outside supported material, in ten sentences or more what is the purpose and function of the Federals Reserve system?

Discussion – Ch. 16

Chapter 16 Financial Management and Security Markets

Using Chapter 16 of your assigned text distinguish for your classmates the difference between a Primary and Secondary market?  Respond to two of your classmate’s answers.