E-response to Cole and Krabill (Group D)

E-response to Cole and Krabill (Group D)

Suspending your critique for the moment, why do you think KONY 2012 was so successful at going viral?  Why was it so popular?  What makes it so powerful?

What could other human rights advocates replicate or mimic if they want to attain similar results?  What are the possible downsides for human rights advocates achieving these results?

Of the many critiques of KONY 2012 (both the two that we’ve read and others, easily available on the internet), which ones resonate with you and which ones do you reject?  Why?

In the face of the massive critiques of KONY 2012, what strategies can human rights advocates adopt?  More specifically, how do human rights advocates avoid being paralyzed by critiques like those leveled against KONY 2012?