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Overturning the Roe v. Wade Case

There have been controversies revolving around the issue of abortion in America and across the world. Both proposers proponents and opponents of abortion have had varying opinions regarding the legality and illegality of the practice. In 19773, the Supreme Court encountered heard a case, Roe v. Wade. The court ruled that the Constitution permits women the right to terminate their pregnancies within the first six months of pregnancy. Before this ruling, many states prohibited abortion while others allowed it, especially if it endangered the mother’s life. However, during Roe v. Wade case, the court ruled that states would only restrict abortion during the first trimester (Pan, 2022) This is not MLA style. We discussed this in class. For To Roe and her attorney, the Texas statute for abortion violated her constitutional rights to terminate her pregnancy based on her condition of being poor, single and would not afford to raise the child. It is unclear if the Constitution supports the right to abortion or not because the American Constitution does not make an express reference to the right to terminate a fetus. 

You haven’t followed directions. I asked for a two-paragraph introduction. The first paragraph was to give background. The second was to articulate the problem/controversy/issue/debate.




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