Future of Policing

Future of Policing


For this assignment pick one of the current issues discussed in this module that police departments are facing, for example:

  • Diversity Within a Police Department
  • Police Officer Stress
  • Police Officer Mental Health
  • Higher Education for Police Officers
  • Officer Safety Concerns
  • Racial Profiling
  • Police and Technology
  • Defunding the Police

You will then write a three page paper that:

  • Describes the problem and why it is important to address this issue
  • Provides a solution or course of action that you would take as a police administrator to create change
  • Evaluates any possible roadblocks to making change

To receive full credit for this assignment you must adequately address each of these.  This must be a three-page typewritten paper (double-spaced, margins no more than 1” per side, font no larger than 12 point).