geography – coral reefs case study – creating a schedule

geography – coral reefs case study – creating a schedule

Watch the EDGE of Existence video on coral reefs found in Media Gallery or Kaltura Media Gallery link in the Coral Reef Modules. Try this link: EDGE of Existence (Links to an external site.) 

In the video, “Reefs on the EDGE”, a 15-year-old girl retells her grandfather’s stories of coral reefs, gone from existence in her life. This 2012 short film was intended as a powerful message to raise awareness about the threats of climate change. 

Discuss your initial thoughts and final reactions. What questions do you have?

The Curious Case Study (50 points) 

For this assignment, you will complete the case study by answering the questions posed in the lecture. (Learning Outcomes #2, #3, #5, and #7) 

Cite your answers. If you’ve drawn your ideas from the Endangered Earth Introduction lecture, then cite slide #.

Options for Assignment: 

1. You create a table with the questions & problems on the left side and all the possible solutions for the question/problem on the right side (use bullet points instead of full sentences). 


How do we increase cheetah populations? 

  • Restore cheetah to Iran and India 
  • Ex-situ breeding programs 

How do we reduce cheetah-human conflict? 

  • Anatolian Shepherds to guard livestock