Go to the following website:
Select two counties from anywhere in the United States and compare incarceration trends over time. Compare the county information with state and national data, as well.

Watch the video below for more instructions and a visual walk through of how to use the data on this site!

You can get creative with how you present your information! You can write a traditional discussion board, or you can do a video like the one above (unlisted on YouTube), create a presentation and attach it, or create some neat infographic. Just make sure you’re letting us know what you found.

Think back to this module’s resources. If you remember, we looked at a dashboard from the United States Sentencing Commission (USSC). Are patterns in sentencing you found there similar to patterns in incarceration you found with the Vera interactive map?

In your 2 peer responses, what did you find interesting about your classmate’s observations? Was the data for the counties they used different from the ones you did?

Discussion Board Guidelines:   Submit an answer to the discussion board. Each discussion board post will be between 200 – 300 words long. Refer & cite current resources in your answer.