Network Admin

Network Admin

Scenario: Your boss has undertaken a new initiative to incorporate innovative ways to train users in support of IT resources. You have been tasked with developing a plan to incorporate new training methods into the current user training. Currently, a combination of traditional user manuals and some classroom training is used. You know that there are training methods and virtualization tools that can enhance user training so the initiative your boss has outlined will be successful. 

Using what you have learned in the class or through research, write a 1-page paper on how Windows administrators can apply new training methods and the use of tools in virtualization to support VMs, locally or remotely, to maintain increased availability, data integrity, and security in their network that helps improve user productivity. 

Make sure you address the following key points in the paper: 

  • Provide at least three new methods that can be used to enhance user knowledge.
  • Indicate why each method will enhance a user’s abilities over the current training method.
  • Indicate the benefits that the organization will realize by incorporating each new method. 

Make sure that the paper is clear, concise, has superior organization, and uses Standard English appropriate to a business setting.