PMP – Activity9PMP – Activity9

PMP – Activity9PMP – Activity9

Part 1You have been assigned as a project manager for a small construction company and have been assigned your first project. The client feels they have a basic grasp on their requirements but also feels that they will know more as the project progresses.  Using your knowledge of life cycle models, identify two models that may work based on your knowledge of the project.  The scope of the project is as follows:

  1. Requirement 1:  3 bedrooms
  2. Requirement 2:  2.5 bathrooms
  3. Requirement 3:  Pool 
  4. Requirement 4:  2 patios, one patio should be enclosed

Part 2:  Using your experience documenting scope, outline the problem/opportunity statement you are trying to solve for, 2-3 success criteria, and any assumptions, risks, or obstacles.  

APA format, 3 pages