presentation with google slide

presentation with google slide

Assignment Directions: One way educators can demonstrate leadership is by seeking opportunities to improve teaching and learning through the introduction of education technologies. For this assignment, assume the role of a K-12 teacher to create a presentation that introduces an existing education technology to your school’s administrators. The technology should be selected to solve ONE of four scenarios:

  • Failing parent communication channels
  • Declining end-of-course (EOC) assessment scores
  • Demand for more hands-on learning (from parents and/or administration)
  • Demand for more “E” in STEM courses (Engineering content)

Before you begin this assignment review this Plagiarism Resource Document 

Step 1:        Select one of the four available scenarios and use your imagination to

consider the difficulties teachers, students, parents or administrators face as a result. These specific difficulties, otherwise known as pressure points, are what you should seek to relieve using an education technology.

Step 2:        Review the technologies covered this semester or scour the internet for other

technologies that can be used to relieve your school’s pressure points. Take the time to understand the technology’s features and ways it can be implemented.

Step 3:        Use this template to draft a storyboard for a presentation (4 minutes or less)

that includes the components below. Upload your template to the EdTech Storyboard Assignment in Canvas.

  • Background information: Within reason, exercise creative freedom to elaborate on your selected scenario. Rather than just restating the issue, tell a compelling story that demonstrates what is happening at your hypothetical school (Ex. Describe how failed attempts to communicate with parents have led to several heated parent-teacher conferences).
  • Pressure Points: As with all persuasive communication, identify where current systems/processes are failing and the ripple effect on those involved. Pressure points refer to areas of continued struggle that, left unresolved, lead to declining morale and/or performance (Ex. parents and teachers have grown frustrated, student achievement has declined, etc.).
  • EdTech Solution: Select an existing education technology and describe its features, costs and potential applications. Articulate how adopting the technology will relieve the pressure points and facilitate learning.

Step 4:        Use Google Slides to create your presentation. Your storyboard is a guide to

developing this presentation, so remember to follow the plan you outlined. The stronger your storyboard, the easier this step will be.

step 5: complete the EDTECH PITCH template below