project management00000000

project management00000000

Answer the following in an 1h30 mins

 1 Differentiate between project and process management. 25pt

2  Describe the basic competencies required of project managers as defined in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) created by the Project Management Institute. 25pt

 3 Describe the basic functions of project management. 25pt


4 Describe systems operation, support, and security issues in the SDLC.

Sherwood Associates is an IT consulting firm that develops new systems and maintains older systems for its clients.  Sherwood recently was hired to address security concerns regarding an existing system that was developed by another firm.  The client is concerned about the security of customer information.  They recently terminated several employees for poor performance and are worried that confidential data might have been compromised.  Also, after an extensive audit, several laptops seem to be missing:


  1. What IT security measures should the firm adopt? Prepare a security checklist, and be sure to consider all six security levels.
  2. Regarding physical security, how will these security measures impact the operation of the system and necessary supports? 25 pts