Section 10: Photosynthesis Group Presentation

Section 10: Photosynthesis Group Presentation


For this assignment, you will work in the groups you have been assigned by your instructor to build a presentation covering the topic of Photosynthesis. Please work together collaboratively using Google Slides to make this presentation. Google slides will allow all members of the group to work on the same document together. The goal of this presentation is to create a detailed summary of the processes involved in photosynthesis as if you were going to present it to a class or use it as a study guide. 

See the Group collaboration discussion board to see your group assignments and coordinate working with your group. 

The presentation must have the following characteristics:

  • Media:  The presentation will be required to include text and images to explain the concepts of photosynthesis. You are welcome to add audio narration as well, but it is not required. You are encouraged to choose a theme provided by Google Slides to give the presentation a cohesive look. 
  • Length: There is no specific length requirement as long as all of the topics are covered in detail. A recommendation would be approximately 5-9 slides. 
  • Content: The presentation needs to thoroughly cover the following processes of photosynthesis: 
    1. Light Dependent Reactions  
    2. Calvin Cycle
    3. Compare and Contrast Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis 
  • Collaboration: This is a group activity, so all group members are required to participate for credit. You must include a collaboration slide at the end of the presentation. On this slide, you need to provide the names of each group member and detail what contributions each member of the group made toward the overall project. Any concerns about group collaboration should be shared with your instructor right away. 
  • Spelling and Grammar: Make sure that all text in the presentation has proper spelling and grammar.