Part 1: Ethics in Writing 

Tools are used by faculty to evaluate ethical writing. Writing that is flagged is deemed not your own words, not properly cited or plagiarized, is a violation of the academic integrity policy. To avoid this be sure to summarize, paraphrase and cite your sources.   

1. Review the following resources:  

2. Go to any webpage of the website of the company you selected from the Approved Company List.  

Part 2: Ethics in Business 

  1. Have you witnessed unethical practices in the workplace?  
  2. If so, share your experience with the class and explain how this impacted your perception of the business. 
  3. If not, research to find a current example of unethical business practices, share the source, and explain how you would have handled this situation differently. 
  4. Support your response using SWS formatted in-text and source list citations.