Wk6: Mini Lit Review & Wk6: Devotion

Wk6: Mini Lit Review & Wk6: Devotion


Wk6: Devotion

Wk6: Devotion In this current topics course, which focuses on change that is relevant to you as a professional, you are researching current issues in leadership and management. For this week’s devotional, read Romans 8:28-39, and discuss the implications of this passage both professionally and personally for you in a turbulent, rapidly changing world.  Your initial posting should be 200-300 words. Please include the word count at the bottom of your post.   You are expected to support your initial posting with the use of scripture or a Bible commentary. You must cite your sources in your posting using proper APA format. This means that, at the bottom of your post, you should have a references section (with the heading References), followed by a listing of your references in APA format. 

Wk6: Mini Lit Review

Research this week’s discussion topic, “Attracting and retaining a productive and effective workforce.” You will write a Mini Lit Review using at least four quality articles on the topic for this week. Your Mini Lit Review must include the following:

  • An introduction that states your thesis and communicates the organization of the mini-lit review
  • An analysis of the topics, concepts, and theories central to your topic
  • A discussion of the themes, debates, or gaps in the literature
  • An analysis of how the articles apply to the current issue, including a critical evaluation of the premise, methodology, contributions, and limitations of each source
  • A conclusion that summarizes the key points, discusses the implications and ensures that your readers understand the key takeaways from your review
  • Full bibliographic information (in APA format)

The body of each week’s mini-lit review should be 4-6 pages in length (in APA format, double-spaced, 12 pt font) 

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